A launch plan built on strategy, not crossed-fingers, for the live launchers AND evergreen funnel creators ready to make their funnels as profitable as possible...
Not a Techy?
No Sweat.

Without having to be a tech person or a numbers person, you’ll know exactly how your launch numbers are measuring up

Need Guidance?
Here You Go.

You’ll never feel like you’re entering the wild west of launches & funnels alone again - our launching strategies are all laid out, so it’ll feel like you have built-in guidance (basically, if Yoda was a spreadsheet)

Lost & Confused?
Not Anymore.

The second that feeling of “eh, I’m not sure if this is right” creeps in, you’ll finally have something to turn to in order to tweak or troubleshoot any mid-launch issues confidently

I'm bringing you the ultimate comprehensive guide to planning, tracking, and optimizing your live launch or evergreen funnel:
The No-Guessing Launch Dashboard
...so you can make data-informed, agile decisions without ever again having to ask strangers on the internet, "is this a good conversion rate?"
The No-Guessing Launch Dashboard Gives You...
✓  EIGHT Strategic & Auto-Formulated Spreadsheets

...that not only help you plan and track each step of your launch, but will also auto-calculate your conversion rates at every step… so that you can know what’s working and what’s not for data-backed decision making (we did the math so you don’t have to)

✓  SIX Unique Launch Strategies

...each mapped out in full: for the evergreen funnels, the Facebook ad campaigns, and multiple live launching techniques… so that no matter what form of launching you’re doing, you’ve got your plan

✓  ONE Central Place to Track All of Your Numbers

...so that you can begin to analyze which pieces of marketing, copy, and strategy outperform others… and clearly know why based on real numbers

It's me, Brittany!

I’m a launch & funnel copywriter & strategist...

I not only run an agency that does multi-million dollar launches & evergreen funnels for clients but we also do our own launching around here too. 

Whether for live launching or evergreen funnels...

for exceptionally simple or overly-complex launch funnels... 

for minimal viable execution or to-the-max sophistication... 

...we’re able to help our clients not only keep their deliverables organized but also track their data to improve future launches.

And the truth is...

I’ve strategized and written million dollar funnels for clients who don’t have tracking and planning this detailed (and are missing major optimization opportunities because of it). 

And I’ve spent enough time in business Facebook groups to know the pitfalls people run into when launching...

...that I knew I had to share this well-worn launch planner and tracker that we originally created for us and our clients. 

For my fellow entrepreneurs who are doing a damn good job but feeling a bit of that deer-in-headlights launch overwhelm.

With a little support from an expert funnel & launch strategist, you’ll have confidence in your launch plan, have a system in place to give some of your time back, and make as much damn money as you want.

You ready?!

No-Guessing Launch Dashboard$97

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